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Stephen R. Band, Ph.D. in Manassas, Virginia recommends the book 'In Search of Truth and Honor: Reflections of an Undercover Journey through the dark side of the Badge'.

In Search of Truth and Honor, written by Joanne Takasato, is available on™ and is autobiographic/non-fiction. It is a true story that defines the most extreme challenges of undercover work, and its impact on the human condition. Former HPD Detective Takasato survived a horrific odyssey and in-effect shares lessons learned that have improved the undercover investigations and informed training. 


Book Description

"...Riveting and dramatic, In Search of Truth and Honor by Joanne Takasato chronicles the journey of the first female undercover narcotics police officer in Hawaii in the 1980s. A fascinating and shocking account of one officer's undercover escapades, after being literally dropped off on a street corner and sent out to infiltrate the world of narcotics trafficking with no training, badge, or gun. During her two-year passage through purgatory, the author was forced to make tough, life-altering decisions. She learned to distrust cops even before she learned to be one.

In this affecting, yet bittersweet island narrative, readers learn firsthand that undercover work is a lonely path strewn with conflicts of loyalty, friendship, and honor. In chapters with titles such as, "Judge Me Not" and "Dark Side of the Badge," Takasato is refreshingly candid about difficulties she had to overcome for busting a dope dealing cop and breaking one of the most important edicts of the 'Golden Rules'..."

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